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Customer Care

Frequently Asked Questions

About Diaper Pails

What makes Dékor better than other diaper pails?

The Dékor Pails are the easiest to use of any pails – simply Step, Drop, and you’re Done. You don’t have to put your hands in the pail while pushing the diaper in or touch anything; the Pail is made of ABS plastic which will not absorb odors; the Refill system is very economical because there is no waste – you only use what you need; and you can clean the pail with liquid cleaners – even with bleach if you want.

What is the difference between the Dékor Plus, Classic, and Mini?

About fifteen dollars. Seriously though, the Plus pail holds up to 60 newborn diapers and the Classic pail is a bit smaller and holds up to 45. The Mini is perfect for smaller spaces, grandparent’s homes or second rooms in the home where baby is changed, and holds up to 25 newborn diapers.

What keeps odor inside the Dékor?

Dékor has a unique, three part approach to odor control, starting with the sealed, OdorKeeper™ trap door. The spring loaded trap door allows the diaper through and then immediately re-seals to keep odor from escaping. The top lid of the Dékor itself also acts as a secondary seal for double protection against odor. The strong, powder-scented continuous refill is the third line of defense, and helps keep the odor INSIDE the pail.

How many diapers will I dispose of?

You can anticipate disposing of 6000-9000 diapers over the 2–3 years your child will be in them! Of course, these are average numbers and your experience will differ. After the first thousand, who’s counting anyway?

What does Step, Drop, Done mean?

Step. Drop. Done. is all you have to do with Dékor Pails. Step on the foot pedal, drop the diaper through the trap door, and you are done. No bending, no squishing, no twisting, no touching!

Why doesn’t the Dékor pail absorb odor like other pails?

Other plastic pails are made from a plastic known as polypropylene which is an open cell plastic which over time will absorb odors. Dékor pails are made of ABS plastic, a strong and durable closed cell plastic that does not absorb odor, scratch, dent, rust, or turn yellow over time.

Why are Dékor Pails better than Steel Pails?

Steel pails can rust, dent, and cannot be cleaned with liquid! That’s right – you have to clean your poopy steel pail with a ‘dry cloth’ according to manufacturer’s instructions. Steel pails are not ‘Stainless Steel’ like many people assume – and can rust. The inside of a diaper pail is a moist environment and rust happens. Then of course Dékor pails can still be used after diapers.

How many diapers will the Dékor actually hold?

The Dékor Plus will hold up to 60 newborn diapers, Dékor Classic up to 45, and the Mini up to 25. But you can change your Dékor as often as you like because you only use the amount of Refill you need – there’s no waste.

Can I use Dékor for “Pull-Ups” or similar sized diapers?

Dékor is perfect for any size diaper, including night-time and pull-up type diapers, especially the Dékor Plus and Classic with the bigger openings for diapers.

Is it difficult to empty the pail when it is full?

Emptying the Dékor is super simple. Start by opening the service door and pulling out the full bag. Grab the top of the bag and cut it using the door mounted cutter. Tie a knot in the top and dispose. Finish by simply tying knot in the bottom of the liner to form a new “bag”, close the service door and you are ready for more diapers. Truly easy peasy!

Can the door mounted cutter injure my child?

The door mounted cutter is located behind the service door with a child-proof lock. It's also protected by being set deeply behind plastic guards to eliminate any access by small hands. Be sure to close the service door immediately after emptying to prevent any access to the cutter.

Do I have to wait until my Dékor is completely full before emptying?

No. You can empty the Dékor at any time. Emptying more often will actually help to minimize any odors escaping into your nursery and because there are no preset bags – but a continuous Refill liner – you only use what you need – no waste.

Can I use Regular Trash Bags with the Dékor?

We don’t recommend that as the Dékor is not made for those and trying to replace the bag can be a pain in the butt (pun intended!). The bag may be big – but what limits the amount of diapers it holds is the size of the pail – this is true for all pails. Putting 60 Newborn diapers into a 13 gallon trash bag will waste more than 2/3 of every bag. With Dékor Refill liners – you only use what you need – there is no waste and replacing the bag is a snap.

How do I convert the Dékor into a trash can?

Simply remove the diaper insert and you can continue to use the pail in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or wherever you need an easy to use, contemporary styled trash can. No other diaper pail allows you to do that! By the way, Dékor works really well with kitty litter.

Do the Dékor pails or refills contain BPA, Phalates, or PVC?

No. The Dékor pails and refills are free from BPA, Phalates, and PVC. The pails are made of tough ABS Plastic, and the refills are made of a mixed polymer, about 90% High Denisty Polyethelene.

About Diaper Pail Refills

How difficult is it to change the refill on my Dékor?

Not difficult at all. Simply open the top frame and lift out the empty refill cartridge. Slide a new refill over the cartridge following the directions on the refill label, then reinstall the cartridge loaded with the new refill. Tear off the label and pull up the refill from the outside and tie a knot.

What is the difference between the regular refills and the biodegradable refills?

The biodegradable refills contain a special addative that will help them to break down faster over the “regular” refills. Both offer the same strength and odor protection, and both are lightly powder scented. As defined by ASTM, "A Biodegradeable Plastic is defined as a degradable plastic in which the degradation results from the action of naturally occuring microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae."

Why are Dékor refills so economical?

The Dékor refill system is designed with efficiency in mind. Rather than individual bags, the Dékor refills are actually one long bag, or liner, that you cut and tie as needed. You can wait until the bag is full, or dispose of that one really stinky change right away. You only use as much Refill liner as you need – there is no waste.

How do I know which Refill to buy for my Dékor?

The size of your Dékor Pail is on a label inside the service door of your pail. Open the service door and you will see either Dékor Plus, Dékor Classic, or Dékor Mini. Buy the corresponding size Refill pack.

I have and older model of the Dékor. Will the refills still work?

Yes, Dékor refills are backwards compatible across same sized models.

About Cloth Diaper Pail Liner

Can I use Dékor for reusable cloth diapers?

Yes, the Dékor Plus is perfect for that! Dékor offers a Cloth Diaper Pail Liner (2 pack) if you are washing cloth diapers yourself. These are high quality drawstring wet bags that perfectly fit inside your Dékor Plus Pail (will work in Dékor Classic Pails as well, but the Plus is better suited due to the larger size of cloth diapers). When full, simply remove the bag, dump the diapers in the wash, then toss the bag in too. Put the other Cloth Liner in the pail and you are ready to go again. If you have a diaper service that picks up your soiled diapers weekly, you can use the Dékor Refills and just tie them up and store them until they are picked up.

About Cleaning Diaper Pail

What should I use to clean my Dékor?

Unlike steel pails that have to be cleaned with a dry cloth, we recommend cleaning the Dékor with a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner. Bleach can also be used if needed.

About Warranty

What does Dékor’s Limited Lifetime Warranty cover?

Under normal use, if anything should break on your Dékor Diaper PailPail, we will replace it free of charge at our discretion. The defect rate with Dékor is exceptionally low, but if something goes wrong, we stand behind the product. Please contact our Customer Service.

Still Have a Question?

If you still have questions about your Dékor product, please feel free to contact us:

Send us an e-mail or...
Call 800-593-5522, Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM—5:30 PM EST.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed for the Life of the Pail

We guarantee our Dékor pails to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for their lifetime. That's right, for the lifetime of the product! We stand by our pails and will replace or repair any manufacturer's defects forever. No one else in the market offers this type of warranty. The Dékor pails are made from tough ABS Plastic and will easily last through all your diapering years, no matter how long they last or seem to last. After diapers, use the Dékor pails in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage as a trash can.

If your pail suffers from a manufacturer defect, you may return it to us for repair or replacement. Please contact a Customer Care Specialist to assist you.

Please note that the Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable, and covers the product under normal use. Misuse or normal wear and tear is not covered. This warranty does NOT cover the Dékor Cloth Diaper Pail Liner.

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