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Dékor Products
3350 Town Point Drive
Suite 100
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Toll free: 800-593-5522

Monday through Friday
8:30-5:30 EST


Contact us through the Support Button at the bottom right

If you have a warranty issue or need a replacement part, please fill out the warranty form

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Upcoming Events


3/19 Drool Boston
   Buy Tickets to Drool Baby Expo


4/2 Gearapalooza Brooklyn
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Brooklyn
4/5 - 4/7 The Baby Show Toronto
   Buy Tickets to The Baby Show
4/8 - 4/14 JPMA Show Orlando
   Buy Tickets to the JPMA Show
4/16 Gearapalooza San Francisco
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in San Fransisco


5/4 Best of Bump Club Chicago
   Buy Tickets to Best of Bump Club
5/7 Big City Moms New York
   Buy Tickets to Big City Moms
5/13 Gearapalooza Denver
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Denver
5/17 - 5/19 NY Baby Show New York
   Buy Tickets to New York Baby Show
5/21 Gearapalooza Edmonton
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Edmonton
5/23 Gearapalooza Vancouver
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Vancouver
5/30 Gearapalooza Miami
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Miami


6/2 Preggo Expo Dallas
   Buy Tickets to Preggo Expo
6/12 Gearapalooza Los Angeles
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Los Angeles


7/28 Preggo Expo Tampa
   Buy Tickets to Preggo Expo


8/24 - 8/25 Chicago Baby Show Chicago
   Buy Tickets to Chicago Baby Show


9/12 Gearapalooza Nashville
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Nashville
9/15 Preggo Expo San Diego
   Buy Tickets to Preggo Expo
9/16 - 9/24 Kind & Jugend Cologne
9/17 Drool Boston
   Buy Tickets to Drool Baby Expo
9/21 Celebrity Red Carpet Los Angeles
9/26 Gearapalooza Detroit
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Detroit


10/6 Preggo Expo Philadelphia
   Buy Tickets to Preggo Expo
10/15 Gearapalooza Toronto
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Toronto
10/17 Gearapalooza Winnipeg
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Winnipeg


11/2 - 11/3 LA Baby Show Los Angeles
   Buy Tickets to the LA Baby Show
11/6 Big City Moms New York
   Buy Tickets to Big City Moms
11/19 Gearapalooza Minneapolis
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Minneapolis
11/21 Gearapalooza Chicago
   Buy Tickets to Gearapalooza in Chicago