Economical Refills

Dekor refills are the most economical among refill systems

You will change your baby’s diaper over 5000 times in the next few years, so why not use a diaper pail designed to save you money on each one of those changes? Compared to other refill systems, Dekor uses less of the refill per diaper than anyone else on the market. What that means for you is simply that you will purchase fewer Dekor refills to do the same job as another brand, meaning you save money in the long run.

Here are how the Plus and Classic refills stack up to the Genie II Elite:

Dekor Plus vs. Diaper Genie II

The most economical refill system is the Dekor Plus.

It holds more newborn diapers per refill than the Genie® II Elite™, in fact, almost twice as many! That's real savings that add up over time, especially when you consider that one box of Dekor refills (two refills per box) will hold up to an amazing 1160 newborn diapers.

Plus Refill Graphs

Dekor Classic vs. Diaper Genie II

While not quite as economical as the Plus refills, Classic refills do hold substantially more newborn diapers per refill than Genie II Elite refills, and therefore offer you a great value as well!

Consider also that one box (two refills per box) of Dekor Classic refills will last you for up to 990 newborn diapers.

Classic Refill Graphs

Less Long Term Costs

We expect that the average child will need up to 4500 diaper changes through their diapering years–that's a lot of changes! When we used this number to compare Dekor Disposal Systems to Diaper Genie II, we found that you will save up to $70 using Dekor Plus and up to $60 using Dekor Classic.

That may not sound like much, but in the difficult economic climate of today, we bet you would rather spend less than more! Of course, individual results may vary depending on emptying habits and the price of refills.

Plus Refill Graphs

More Diapers Per Refill

When looking at the total number of newborn diapers that a Dekor refill is capable of holding, it becomes apparent very quickly that the Dekor refill system is the most efficient. Efficiency means less refill per diaper and this translates into to less refill used over time which means more money in your pocket and less waste overall.

Plus Refill Graphs

**Genie II Elite numbers come from their refill packaging.
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