No More Smelly Plastic

Our exclusive ABS plastic doesn't absorb odor

Ever heard someone complain about how much their actual diaper pail itself stinks? Most often, these are diaper pails made from inexpensive, polypropylene plastic, which actually absorb odor! After a while they begin to smell just like the diapers they hold, not to mention that they turn a nice shade of yellow too.

That doesn’t happen with Dekor because we use ABS plastic, a durable, odor-proof plastic that doesn’t turn yellow. It is used in protective head gear, medical equipment, and it is what Legos® are made of. Yes, it is overkill to mold the entire pail out of ABS, and it costs a bit more to do so, but they last forever and they don’t stink. This is one reason we can give our product a lifetime warranty.

Dekor uses the same plastic as LegosRead more about the marvels of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic on Wikipedia...

Dekor Kolor
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